Collaborators in Kumamoto University

Institute of Molecular Embryology and Genetics Department of Medical Cell Biology Prof. Mitsuyoshi Nakao "Epigenetic analysis of HTLV-1 and HIV-1 provirus"
Center for AIDS Research   Prof. Shuzo Matsushita "Analysis of HIV-1 infected patients"
Faculty of Life Sciences   Dr. Yoshikazu Uchiyama "Data analysis of next generation sequence"
Graduate School of Science and Technology   Prof. Tokio Tani "Analysis of morphological abnormality in Flower cells"
Kumamoto University Hospital Department of Hematology Prof. Masao Matsuoka,
Dr. Kisato Nosaka
"Analysis of HTLV-1 infected patients"
Faculty of Life Sciences   Prof. Hiroyuki Hata "HTLV-1 study"
Faculty of Life Sciences   Dr. Kazuaki Monde "The integration sites study in endogenous retrovirus"

Domestic Collaborators

Department of Hematology, Imamura Hospital Dr. Atae Utsunomiya "Analysis of ATL patients"
Department of Hematology, Imamura Hospital Dr. Masahito Tokunaga "Analysis of ATL patients"
Center for Human Evolution Modeling Research, Primate Research Institute Prof. Hirofumi Akari "Dynamics of HIV-1 infection in macaque model"
Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University Prof. Yoshio Koyanagi,
Dr. Kei Satou
"HIV-1 study using Humanized mice"
Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University Dr. Hodaka Fujii "Analysis of Transcriptional control of HTLV-1 using enChIP"
Department of Microbiology, Kansai Medical University Prof. Jun-ichi Fujisawa,
Dr. Takaharu Ueno
"HTLV-1 study"
Institute of Medical Science St.Marianna University Graduate School of Medicine Prof. Yoshihisa Yamano Analysis of HAM patients
National Center for Global Health and Medicine Dr.Kenji Maeda Development of new anti-HIV medicine

International Collaborators

UK Department of Immunology, Division of Infectious Diseases, Imperial College London Prof. Charles RM Bangham "HIV-1 and HTLV-1 integration site analysis by high through-put sequencing"
UK Section of Infectious Diseases, St Mary's Hospital, Imperial College London Prof. Graham P Taylor "HIV-1/HTLV-1 coinfection study"
UK Division of Infection and Immunity, University College London Prof. Ariberto Fassati "HIV-1 latent infection study"
France University of Lyon Prof. Renaud Mahieux "HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 infection study"